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Swim Bylaws


By-Laws for 2015

I. League Administration and Meetings

A. These organizational rules apply to the Private Country Club Athletic League (the “League”).

B. The League will be limited to six (6) teams.

Brookside Golf and Country Club (BGCC)

Lakes Golf and Country Club (LGCC)

New Albany Country Club (NACC)

Scioto Country Club (SCC)

The Country Club at Muirfield Village (TCC)

Worthington Hills Country Club (WHCC)

C. The club scheduled to host the League swimming championships will be in charge of all League meetings, correspondence, minutes, and by-law updates (the “Administrative Affairs”) during the current season. This responsibility for the League’s Administrative Affairs will pass on to the next Championship host club upon the conclusion of Championships.

D. League meetings are at the sight of the host club on the first Tuesday of October, March, and May at 7:00 p.m. A brief League meeting occurs at the conclusion of Championships.

E. Each Club shall have two (2) votes at League meetings. Two representatives must be present to cast votes. A General Manager from the Club may send one (1) vote via “proxy”.

F. A quorum for a meeting requires that either the employee or the member representative represent two-thirds of the member teams.

G. A majority vote of those attending and meeting a quorum is required to update these rules.

II. Swimmer Eligibility

A. A swimmer’s age as of June 1 of the current season will determine the age group for the swimmer for the season.

B. Club Manager, Head Swim Coach,Head Diving Coach, and Executive Team’s families are eligible to compete in the PCCAL if they have annual membership privileges.

1. Grandchildren of club members are only eligible if the Grandparents have legal guardianship of them.

C. Graduating seniors can swim the summer of their graduation regardless of their age.Full-time college students are not eligible to swim in our League. If a special situation arises, the “committee” will decide.

D. Swimmers competing in Championships must have competed in at least one (1) dual meetduring the season. An otherwise eligible club member coaching at another CCSL team is automatically eligible to participate as a swimmer with their member club. If a special situation arises, the committee should be notified immediately and prior to the date and time entries are due.

E. Swimmers can represent only one team in this League, but may swim on other teams outside our League.

III. Meet Officiating Rules

A. Current USA Rules will apply to all dual meets with the following exceptions:

1. Swimmers are allowed one false start per individual, with the entire field recalled.

2. Swimmers toes may curl over the gutter on backstroke starts.

3. Stand-up starts on backstroke are not permitted.

4. Swimmers may kick and glide into backstroke turns.

B. For the 100 relays, and where the far-end exchange water depth is less than 4’0”, relay participants shall use “in-water” starts and use “hand-to-foot” exchanges. A “hand-to-foot” exchange occurs properly when – the swimmer in the water accepting the exchange does not release his/her feet from the gutter before the finishing swimmer’s hand has touched the wall. This provides proper visibility for the relay exchange for the limited officiating involved.

C. The whistle protocol should be used for the starting procedures. Where appropriate, verbal commands may supplement the whistle commands.

D. Each team participating in a dual meet or regional meet is required to supply one currently certified official (USA, High School, YMCA or NCAA official).

E. Each team is responsible for having an official at each dual meet and regional meet. If a team does not provide an official, the team without the official is responsible to pay the official(s) at the meet an additional rate as suggested. The minimum reimbursement rate is $40 per meet.

F. All on-deck officials will be currently certified. Usage of uncertified on-deck officials will be at the mutual consent of the coaches.

G. Each swimmer may compete in a maximum of four (4) events with a maximum of three (3) individual events or a maximum of two (2) relays. A swimmer can swim in only one medley relay and one free relay.

H. Where Prelims/Finals are involved for Championships, the swimmer competing at three individual events at Prelims is eligible to compete on just one relay at finals. This applies regardless of the number events where they advance to compete at Finals.

I. A swimmer can only move “up” an age group to complete a relay, not to improve the relay. If fewer than four (4) swimmers per age group participate in dual meets and championship meets, all clubs are permitted to swim a maximum of two (2) swimmers "up" to complete a relay, NOT to improve a relay. Swimmers that are being moved "up" to complete a relay may only move up a maximum of two (2) age groups.

Example: If 2 or 3 swimmers in the 13 – 14 age group participate in a meet, 1 or 2 swimmers from the 9 & 10 or 11 & 12 age group may swim “up” with the 13 –14 age group to complete a relay. If there were four 13 – 14 year old swimmers, they must compete as one relay. The 13 & 14 year old swimmers may not swim “up” to complete a 15 – 18 year old relay, but 11 & 12 year old swimmers may move “up” to complete the 15-18 year old relay.

J. Where there exists an automatic start to timing and three auto-triggered watches (e.g.Dolphin) per lane, finish judges are not required. The selection of the middle watch time is more consistent and expeditious than dealing with the integration of finish judge results.

IV. Dual Meet Preparation

A. Dual Meet Lineups

1. The hosting coach is to contact the visiting coach three daysprior to the meet date. The two should discuss meet start time, warm-up time, number of events per swimmer, heat sheets needed and any other items, as needed.

  • 2.Discuss the number of heats needed for each event. The larger of the two teams may have only one complete heat of their swimmers, unless mutually agreed by their coaches.

3. Visiting coach must e-mail the team entry file to the host team by 1:00 p.m. the day of the meet. Receipt of the entry file should be confirmed by the host team.

B. Home team will complete all seeding and meet setup before the start of the warm-ups. Changes are allowed at any time as long as the coaches, officials and team bullpen workers are informed by the team requesting the change.

C. A minimum of twenty (20) copies of the meet program should be prepared.

1. Should the visiting team require more than ten heat sheets, the visiting coach should request additional copies when the two coaches talk prior to the meet..

2. The host team can send an electronic .pdf file to the visiting team in order for them to print additional copies, as well.

D. Teams may provide heat sheets for the members and visiting team guests, but this is not required.

E. Heats are seeded and should be swum fastest to slowest. This allows fill-in of empty lanes to occur with swimmers from the following/slower heats.

V. Dual Meet Competition Warm-Ups & Start Time

A. Warm-ups begin at 5:00 p.m. The home team will warm up in half the pool, while the visiting team will warm up in the other half of the pool. Where team sizes are materially different or there are an uneven number of lanes, the coaches should agree on dividing the warm-up lanes.

B. The warm-up start time may be earlier (suggested 4:30 p.m.), if mutually agreed to by the participating teams.

C. When conducting a dual meet, lifeguards are expected to be in the chair and on duty at all times. Coaches are responsible for the monitoring of each team’s warm-up session. Feet first entries for all swimmers entering the pool in warm-ups unless swimmer is using designed, supervised, sprint lanes.

D. The meet will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m., unless agreed to start earlier by participating teams.

E. If the meet cannot begin by 6:45 p.m., the meet will be cancelled.

F. There is no requirement to reschedule a meet due to cancellation. However, all attempts should be made to do so.

VI. Equipment and Personnel Needed to Run a Meet

A. The Host team should provide:

1. Two timers with watches per lane

2. One runner

3. One scorer

4. Two ribbon workers

5. One certified official (USA, High School, YMCA or NCAA official)

6. Bullpen workers (or coaches) to insure the swimmers are at the blocks at the correct time.

7. Starting device

8. Backstroke flags

9. Lane lines

10. Starting blocks

11. Recall rope

12. Two rows of chairs (or more) to stage swimmers behind the blocks (and abullpen area if desired).

13. Hospitality snacks and drinks for all workers.

14. One finish judge (see Officiating section to see if required)

B. The Visiting Team should provide:

1. One timer with watch per lane

2. One scorer

3. Two ribbon workers

4. Bullpen workers (or coaches) to insure the swimmers are at the blocks at the correct time.

5. One certified official

6. One finish judge (see Officiating section to see if required).

VII. Dual Meet Scoring and Awards

A. Individual Events will be scored 5, 3, 2, and 1. A team is limited to score only two places per event.

1. Example: Scioto places 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and the Lakes places 5, 6, 9. Scioto scores place 1 & 2 and the Lakes scores place 3 & 4. Ribbons are awarded as swimmers originally placed.

B. Relay events will be scored 8, 4. A team is limited to score only one relay team per event.

1. Example 1: Brookside places 1, 2, 3 and New Albany has no relays (or the lone relay is disqualified). Brookside scores place 1 and no points awarded for second place.

2. Example 2: The Country Club at Muirfield Village places 1, 2, 3 and Worthington Hills places 4. TCCMV scores place 1 and Worthington Hills scores place 2. Ribbons are awarded as relay originally placed.

C. Prior to adjusting for the Judges decision, the final time for a swimmer will utilize USA procedures for selection, averaging and adjusting times.

D. Finish Judge Procedure – usage is determined in the Officiating section:

1. Two Finish Judges (working independently) will determine the order of finish for each heat, taking precedent over the stop watch times. Finish judges will determine the order of finish for first, second and third only, for each heat.

2. If the Finish Judges determine an order of finish, which is inconsistent with the stopwatch times, the times assigned to the swimmer shall be changed, giving the faster time to the swimmer who has been awarded a higher finish place.

3. If the two Finish Judges/Officials do not agree on a certain place, the positions of disagreement will be determined a tie. The two times will be averaged and the swimmers will each be given the same time and place of finish.

E. Awards are Ribbons for 1-6 place finishes in all relay events (for each relay

swimmer) and 1-10 place finishes in the individual events. All remaining swimmers receive a “participant” award. The type of award is left to the discretion of the host club, with the exception that 6 and under swimmers must receive ribbons.

F. Heat winner ribbons are required at Dual Meets for 8 & Under swimmers.

G. Because the scoring software does not print award labels for disqualified swimmers, there is no requirement to provide a ribbon to these swimmers.

VIII. Meet Events (See League Events…attached)

A. Individual Events

1. 6 and under will swim a 25 Free and a 25 Back.

2. 7-8 will swim a 25 in all four strokes. The 6 and under swimmers may

compete in 7-8 fly & breast.

3. 9-10 will swim a 50 Free and a 25 in the other three strokes.

4. 11-12, 13-14 and 15-over age groups will swim a 50 in all four strokes.

B. Relay Events

1. 8 and under, will swim a 100 Medley and a 100 Free relay.

2. 9-10 will swim a 100 Medley and a 200 Free relay.

3. 11-12, 13-14 and 15-over age groups will swim a 200 Free and Medley relays.

4. See meet officiating section for rules detailing the composition of the four swimmers in a relay.

5. By prior mutual consent of the coaches, the free relays and medley relays may swap position in the order of events.

IX. Dual Meet Scheduling

A. The swim season dual meet schedule shall be determined by using the “match-up grid” below, taking into account the order of finish of each team in the prior year’s CCSL Championship meet.

B. Using the “match-up grid”, the host team in odd years is the first team listed and the host team in even years is the second team listed, (i.e. in the 2015 swim season, the first team listed will be the host team). For odd years, the Week 1 grid starts as 1 hosts 3, and for Even years, the Week 1 grid starts as 1 at 3.

Week 1 1 vs 3 2 vs 6 5 vs 4

Week 2 4 vs 1 5 vs 2 6 vs 3

Week 3 1 vs 5 3 vs 2 4 vs 6

Week 4 6 vs 14 vs 2 3 vs 5

Week 5 2 vs 1 3 vs 4 5 vs 6

C. BGCC ~ 1; LGCC ~ 2; NACC ~ 3; SCC ~ 4; TCC ~ 5; WHCC ~ 6.

D. The Dual Meet Scheduling should start the season late enough to give the teams a chance to practice after Memorial Day weekend, but not too late to push the Championship meet late into July.

X. Future Stars Meet(s)

A. A rotating schedule will be established to host the Meet.

B. The Mid-Point place time or the last place time, if fewer than Mid-Point places, at the previous year’s Championships will determine cutoff times. A swimmer must be slower than the cutoff time to enter an event in a Future Stars meet.

C. A swimmer must be slower than the cutoff time to enter an event in a Future Stars Meet.

D. The Future Stars Meet host team shall establish the proper entry procedure for the meet.

E. The Future Stars Meet will be held Saturday Morning with warm-ups starting at 8:00 a.m., and the Meet starting promptly at 9:00 a.m.

F. The age groups will be as follows: 6 & Under, 7-8, and 9-10.

G. The Future Stars Meet is a League expense for awards, and the Championship Host Team should work with the Future Stars Host Team to address expenses.

X-1. Future Stars Meet(s).

  • Motion is made to not hold a “Future Stars” developmental meet for the 2015 season.

XI. LeagueChampionship Meet

A. Lifeguards are required to be in the chair and on duty at all times. Coaches are responsible for the monitoring of each team’s warm-up session. This Meet will be scheduled during the month of July after the completion of the Dual Meet season.

B. League Meet Lineups -- This will be an electronic timed meet and will require that all swimmers be entered into the system. Therefore, entries must be given to the Host Team for the League at the time determined by the host (approximately one week before the preliminary date).

C. One Day Meet Setup

1. A one-day meet will typically be a timed finals meet.

2. The Championship host team will establish session start times. Swimmers will have a one-hour warm-up provided.

3. When prelims and finals are swum on the same day, swimmers must be

provided with a minimum 2 hour break between the completion of prelims

and start of finals.

D. Regional Meet Setup to Qualify for Finals

1. There will be two sites for regional meets.

2. Only individual events are run at the regional meets.

3. Only the 14 & under swimmers compete in the regional meet – for the sole purpose of qualifying for the Championship meet.

4. From each regional meet, the top four swimmers advance to the Championship meet.

5. The balance of the field, including ties (to run two heats at the Finals session) come from the best times across the regional sites.

6. Awards (ribbons) for each regional meet isthe responsibility of the

Championship Host team.

7. Awards for the 6 & under events are awarded based on the composite results of the regional meets. Ties and points for ties for 6 & under events are awarded as ties.

8. All relays and 15 & over individual events compete ONLY at the Championship meet.

E. Selecting Host Sites for Regional Meets

1.Two Regional Meets will be set to determine the heats for Championships.The regional meets will consist of:

  • a.Teams placing 1,3 & 5 from the previous year
  • b.Teams placing 2,4 & 6 from the previous year

2. All teams interested in hosting a regional meet shall provide notice to the champs host one week prior to the fall league meeting.

3. Should there be an equal number of interested hosts and necessary

sites, those sites would host the regional meets.

4. Where there are more interested clubs than necessary, the following priority order of selecting regional sites will apply.

a) Teams with just two home meets would get priority over those that have three home meets (to provide the opportunity to host three home meets). The second priority would be teams with three home meets on their schedule.

b) In the event of a more interest than necessary sites after the selectionof sites above, teams that hosted a regional meet the immediately preceding season would get a lower priority than the remaining teams.

c) Where ties still exist to reduce to the necessary site count, hosts of regional meets in each prior year would get a lower priority in hosting a regional meet for the upcoming season.

d) Where ties remain unbroken, the champs host club will use their best judgment to select a club to break the tie.

5. The champs host will process the interests of the teams above the criteria above and announce the regional host locations at the fall league meeting.

XII. League Championship Meet Organization

A. The Host Team provides all equipment and staff necessary to run the meet except the following, which will be required of each participating team:

1. Staff to assist swimmers to the bullpen.

2. Staff to assist swimmers to the blocks.

3. Staff to monitor warm-ups and team areas.

4. Staff to time each lane.

B. The Host Team will bill each of the other teams for $3,000 to fund the cost for hosting the League Championship meet. Costs include:

1. Facility rental or equipment rental to host Champs.

2. Awards for the Championship meet.

3. Awards for the Regional meets (if Champs is held in this fashion).

4. Awards for the Developmental Meet.

5. Officials for the Championship meet.

6. Meet incidentals for the Championship meet (hospitality, etc).

7. The approved cost for “The Commissioner”.

XIII. League Championship Meet Governing Rules

A. The host team establishes the format for the Championship meet. The typical formats are:

1. Prelims and finals meet at a single location.

2. Timed finals meet at a single location.

3. Regional qualifier (described above), with timed finals for the remaining


B. The Order of Events for the LeagueMeet will be the same as in the Dual Meet.

C. Every effort will be made to place a swimmer in Championships even if a clerical error was made by a coach or a club, regardless of available space in the meet.

D. Where an event is prelims-finals, a swimmer is only permitted to move from a

consolation heat to the final heat where a scratch occurs and the swimmer competes in the faster heat.

E. A Bonus Heat may be swum for the 11-12 age, and younger groups. Swimmers in this third heat will be awarded ribbons but will not score points for their teams.

F. The officiating rules (noted earlier) apply to the League Championship meet.

G. A League Championship Meet Committee will be established. The Committee will consist of:

1. Head Official

2. Host coach/club of previous year’s Championships

3. Host/coach of following year’s Championships

4. First alternate coach at large

5. Second alternate coach from current host of Championships

6. The alternate coaches will be used in the event that a controversy occurs involving one or the Committee member’s teams. If needed, the alternate coach will take the place of the coach in question.

H. League Meet Scoring and Ribbons will be determined by the meet host and approved by the League members.

  • I.If a disqualification occurs in the finals, the disqualified swimmer will be awarded the last place award for that heat (or event where it is a Timed Finals event) but will not score any points.

Country Club League Rotation

Country Club Swim League -Championships

1995 - 2020

1995 Scioto Country Club

1996 New Albany Country Club

1997 Country Club at Muirfield

1998 Worthington Hills Country Club

1999 The Lakes Golf & Country Club

2000 Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

2001 Brookside Golf & Country Club

2002 Scioto Country Club

2003 New Albany Country Cub/ Winding Hollow / Little Turtle

2004 Medallion Golf Club & Jefferson Country Club

2005 The Country Club & Tartan Fields

2006: Worthington Hills: Chair Club

2007: The Lakes Golf & Country Club

2008: Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

2009: Brookside Golf & Country Club

2010: Scioto Country Club

2011: New Albany Country Club

2012: Columbus Country Club

2013: Medallion Country Club

2014: Jefferson Golf & Country Club

2015: The Country Club at Muirfield

2016: Worthington Hill Country Club

2017: The Lakes Golf & Country Club

2018: Brookside Country Club

2019: Scioto Country Club

2020: New Albany Country Club


1999 - 2020

As of 2008: Country Clubs with two 1-meter diving boards:

New Albany CC

Country Club at Muirfield

The Lakes Golf & Country Club

Worthington Hills Country Club

Club Rotation:

1999: Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

2000: The Lakes Golf and Country Club

2001: New Albany Country Club

2002: New Albany Country Club

2003: The Lakes Golf and Country Club

2004: Country Club at Muirfield

2005: Jefferson Golf and Country Club

2006: Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

2007: New Albany Country Club

2008: Country Club at Muirfield

2009: The Lakes Golf and Country Club

2010: Columbus Country Club

2011: Jefferson Golf and Country Club

2012: Worthington Hills Country Club

2013: Country Club at Muirfield

2014: New Albany Country Club

2015: The Lakes Golf and Country Club

2016: The Country Club at Muirfield

2017: Worthington Hills

2018: New Albany Country Club

2019: The Lakes Golf and Country Club (SCIOTO COUNTRY CLUB)

2020:The Country Club at Muirfield (BROOKSIDE COUNTRY CLUB)

Future Stars Meet Rotation

1998 - 2020

As of 2008, Clubs who participate: The Lakes, Scioto, Medallion, Jefferson, New Albany, Worthington Hills, Tartan Fields, Columbus CC, Kinsale, Wedgewood

1998 Scioto Country Club

1999 Medallion Golf Club

2000 Jefferson Golf & Country Club

2001 Winding Hollow

2002 Worthington Hills

2003: Tartan Fields

2004: Wedgewood Golf and Country Club

2005: Little Turtle Country Club

2006: The Lakes Golf and Country Club

2007: Scioto Country Club

2008: Medallion Golf Club

2009: Jefferson Golf & Country Club

2010: New Albany Country Club

2011: Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

2012: Kinsale

2013: Tartan Fields

2014: Columbus Country Club

2015-2020 TBD

CCSL Championship Scoring

Exhibit I: Six Lane Pool

Place Individual Points Award Relay Points Award

1 16 Trophy 32 Trophy

2 13 “ 26 “

3 12 “ 24 “

4 11 “ 22 “

5 10 “ 20 “

6 9 “ 18 “

7 7 Place Ribbon 14 Place Ribbon

8 5 “ 10 “

9 4 “ 8 “

10 3“ 6 “

11 2 “ 4 “

12 1 “ 2 “

13-24 0 Participant Ribbon

Exhibit II Eight Lane Pool

Place Individual Points Award Relay Points Award

1 20 Trophy 40 Trophy

2 17 “ 34 “

3 16 “ 32 “

4 15 “ 30 “

5 14 “ 28 “

6 13 “ 26 “

7 12 “ 24 Place Ribbon

8 11 “ 22 “

9 9 Place Ribbon 18 “

10 7 “ 14 “

11 6 “ 12 “

12 5 “ 10 “

13 4 “

14 3 “

15 2 “

16 1 “

17-24 0 Participant Ribbon

CCSL Championship Scoring

Exhibit III: Ten Lane Pool

Place Individual Points Award Relay Points Award

1 24 Trophy 48 Trophy

2 21 “ 42 “

3 20 “ 40 “

4 19 “ 38“

5 18 “ 36 “

6 17 “ 34 “

7 16 “ 32 Place Ribbon

8 15 “ 30“

9 14 “ 28 “

10 13 “ 26 “

11 11 Place Ribbon22 “

12 9 “ 18 “

13 8 “

14 7 “

15 6 “

16 5 “

17 4 “

18 3 “

19 2 “

20 1 “

21+ 0 Participant Ribbon

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